We are buy high school students with full schedules, but Saturdays are for the Bees!

Our schedules are busy, but saturdays are for the Bees!

Bees are crucial for our ecosystem and food supply, and they are in crisis. 

We are high school students with different interests and hobbies, but we came together around a common goal to create an environment in which bees can thrive, and to raise awareness around the importance of honeybees and the benefits of beekeeping

About Us

Teenagers and Beekeepers

We are backyard beekeepers, learning as we work, dedicated to creating thriving hives

Learn along with us

Bees are critical to our environment and our food.  We will share interesting bee facts as we manage our hives

Check in on us and our Bees live

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Saturdays are for the bees promo

Bees are contributing to our backyard garden!

Honey Extraction and Hot honey taste test highlights

Hey there honey...some like it HOT!!!